Individual Treatment

If you are here on your own self-determination and interested in improving areas of your life with the help of a licensed practitioner, you are in the right place. Working with me is for people who are ready and intent on living an authenticated existence which, for some, means making a radical lifestyle change. 

Change could mean shaking loose and eliminating a traumatic image or response, learning new skills in relating with others, creating & enforcing boundaries, ceasing a certain type of self-medicating, or even exiting unhealthy personal or professional relationships.

Individuals who are ready to:

o Improve their personal energy exponentially
o Reclaim their sovereignty from an unhealthy bond or abusive relationship
o Learn new skills in relating and communicating both personally & professionally
o Resolve past or ongoing traumas
o Reduce substance intake, stop self-medicating, or get rock solid with their sobriety
o Gain confidence & mastery to be a full expression of self
o Be at peace with their current life situation & circumstance
o Update self limiting beliefs & perceptions
o Clear early attachment wounds or disruptions
o Unwind unproductive or habitual patterns
o Reduce and/or eliminate intrusive symptoms
o Learn to rely on their own innate healing wisdom